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Have fun and create your own knitted wire word! The possibilities are endless! Want a child's name, favourite word or positive affirmation on display in a fun, colourful way? 


I've listed some favourites below:

~ love

~ wild one

~ adventure

~ Shhh

~ sweet dreams

~ sunshine

~ little one

~ read

~ hello

~ princess

~ prince

~ laugh

~ superhero


A knitted wire word is suitable for wall or shelf decoration in a baby's nursery, playroom, kid's room or personal office/workshop. Flat finish words can be hung from hooks or hung from a ribbon/string. 3D effect finish allow you to have floating words. Thirteen gorgeous colours to choose from to match with your colour scheme.


All knitted words are hand formed with a single strand of wire in 'Blake' calligraphy font. Knitted wire words are made from aluminium wire and covered in recycled cotton knitted cord. 


How to order:

  1. Choose cord colour you prefer.
  2. Count the number of letters of the word/phrase that you need made. Select your amount of letters under letter count option.
  3. Choose preferred finish between Flat and 3D effect. In 3D effect, the wire words have prongs at the end. Visit our FAQ section for more info.
  4. Type the word/phrase you want made. Make sure to write the word/phrase exactly as you wish it made including capital letters, numbers and spelling etc. Make sure to double check before submitting :). All uppercase words are not accepted. If you have any queries get in touch before you make your order.


Colour may vary slightly from that shown due to different monitor settings.


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Create your own knitted wire word

PriceFrom €8.00
  • Knitted words are available in size XL and flat finish. Maximum height of a tall letter is 12-13cm.

    *Expect some slight variation from these measurements since all words are hand formed.


    Knitted words can be made in the below colours:

    ~ Peachy pink

    ~ Sunshine yellow

    ~ Lemon yellow

    ~ Zesty orange

    ~ Olive green

    ~ Fuchsia pink

    ~ Lavender lilac

    ~ Lagoon blue

    ~ Denim blue

    ~ Kingfisher teal

    ~ Ultramarine blue

    ~ Seal grey

    ~ Pitch black

    ~ Ivory white

    ~ Bright red



    Wire - 100% aluminium

    Cord - 80% recycled cotton, 20% polyester

    These wire words are not a toy and should not be handled by children. Although wire is sturdy any strong blows or external force can deform the shape or letters.  When installed keep out of reach of children.

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