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What material are the wire words made of?

The wire words and ornaments are made from aluminium wire which is anodized to achieve corrosion resistance and different shades of colour. Depending on the size of the words or design, the wire width can vary from 1mm up to 3mm. Aluminium is a soft metal however with bending and forming it into letters/designs it hardens and becomes sturdy. Please note that wire words have to be handled with care since excessive force can still bend the word/design out of shape.

What is the floating effect option?

This is one way to hang your wire words on a wall. The wire words are terminated with short 1inch prongs which you insert into tiny holes in the wall. The words appear to be floating on a wall and create a lovely 3D effect with shadows. For installation instructions read next question.

How can I install or display floating effect wire words?

When choosing your wire words, you can choose whether to have a floating effect finish or flat finish.

For the floating effect finish:

  • It's best to take a photo of the words as received for reference.

  • Place the words on the wall in your desired spot and mark with a pencil where the prongs meet the wall.

  • Drill 2 or 3mm holes about 1.5cm deep at each marked point. Hole width will be specified with the instructions included with your order.

  • Gently insert wire words in place.

How can I display flat finish wire words?

When choosing your wire words, you can choose whether to have a floating effect finish or flat finish.

For the flat finish you can display them in a number of ways:

  • Use clear command hooks. These are clear adhesive hooks normally used for hanging fairy lights but work well for wire words. This is an option if you want to avoid drilling.

  • Hang them on small iron nails or hooks. You'll need 2 nails per word.

  • Attach a ribbon to the wire word and hang. This is best for singular words or names.

  • Frame them. Stick the words to a sturdy cardboard/thick paper using tiny dots of super glue and leave to dry. Remove the glass panel and replace with the thick paper with the affixed wire words.

  • Prop them on a shelf for the ultimate shelfie. This is best for words which have a level bottom with no singular 'f','g','j','q','p','y' letters.

Which wire word size to choose?

We offer a range of wire word size ranging from XS to XL. Max. height specified is measured from end to end of caps or tall letters.

  • XS - Max height is 3-4cm. It is suitable for wire words which will be mounted in a smallish frame or longer phrases in a large frame.

  • S - Max. height is 5-6cm. It is suitable for short wire word phrases in frames or those being hung in tight spots.

  • M - Max. height is 7-8cm. The most common font size which looks good on walls or a singular words in medium sized frames.

  • L - Max. height is 9-10cm. This is also a favourite option for wall or shelf decoration.

  • XL - Max. height is 12-13cm. For larger wall space and a bigger impact, this font size will be a focal point wherever it's hung.

How can I clean my wire words?

Aluminium wire words are easy to maintain. The material is rust and corrosion resistant and won't fade with time.

It's best to lightly dust them or vacuum from time to time. If you need to wipe them, use a damp cloth with water and wipe dry afterwards. Be careful when handling the wire words so that their form isn't affected.

Do not use any abrasive materials or acidic detergents as these can remove the anodization and colour.

For knitted words, a light vacuum on low speed setting is enough to remove any dust that has collected on it.

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